About Rokkaku Chikiriya

It has been familiar to everyone since its founding for more than a hundred years. With a constant heart,
we continue to protect the traditional Kyoto tea industry.

The name “Chikiriya” started than the dedication of a flower stand called “Chikiri Hana”
was dedicated to the Wakamiya festival at Kasuga Shrine in Nara.

Our shop will devote ourselves to the art of taste and fragrance for tea so as not to be ashamed
of the name of Chikiriya, which has a long history.

We ask for your continued patronage. We would like to deliver tea as a basis for your health.

Rokkaku Chichiriya Tea Shop History

The photo was taken around 1910 (Meiji 43) in front of the Akiyama teahouse “Akiyama tea shop “Chikiriya” (currently Sanjo Chikiriya Co., Ltd.).

Of the two people standing at the entrance of the store, the one holding the book is Mr. Chobee Noda, the clerk of the Akiyama tea shop, and the young man trying to put out a bicycle beside him is the founder of Rokkaku Chikiriya Chaho This is Eijiro Wakabayashi (in his 20s, he was called Risuke at the time).


The Rokkaku Chikiriya Chaho was founded by Eijiro Wakabayashi, who had been apprenticed to the Akiyama Kakubei shop “Akiyama tea shop “Chikiriya” (currently Sanjo Co., Ltd. Chikiriya) in the latter half of the Meiji era.

Originally, we sold tea and confectionery in Rokkakudori Muromachi Nishiiru Tamakura-cho, but after a while, we started tea wholesale and confectionery retailing at the current location of Rokkakudori Higashinotouin Higashiiru.

In 1910 10th year of Taisho, it becomes the tea Chikiriya and Wakabayashi tea shop.


The person in the photo is Eijiro, the founder of the 1945s. We distinguish the tea leaves by the sunlight.


The photo shows the store in the 1945s.


A photo of the founder’s wife and a foreigner. Since the beginning of the 1955’s, people from overseas have come to the storefront from that time and have been relaxed slowly.

In the Showa era, Ainosuke Wakabayashi took over as the second generation store owner, but after that it entered World War II and headed to the battlefield.

After returning to the end of the war, Ainosuke devoted himself to the tea industry. He activity in the tea industry association in Kyoto City and worked hard to develop the tea industry by moving in and out of the tea farm cooperatively and bidding myself.


Second generation: Ainosuke’s family, cousins, and children in the neighborhood. It was as a gathering place for everyone in the neighborhood.

In the latter half of the Showa era, Koujiro Wakabayashi took over as the third store owner.
Incorporated in 1988, we will expand not only sales of tea but also business such as sweets using tea, sweets shops,
and business events.

Entering the Heisei era, Koujiro’s older brother: Eiichiro also expanded their sales channels and went around department store events around the country.

In 2018, Daisuke Wakabayashi took over as the fourth generation store owner.

In 2019, we have sent out information nationwide through online sales and transmitted information using SNS,
and refurbished the store so that you can experience how to brew tea.

Management Philosophy/Management Policy

  • Management philosophy

    We provide peace of mind through Japanese tea,
    With a spirit of thoroughness
    We will create higher value.

    Management policy

    We are always continue to there for this region
    Treating customers with warmth and affection together with employees
    We aim to be a company that provides a comfortable space for another 100 years.


  • 代表

    Whether it’s a normal day or a special day, you always have tea in our lives if you notice it.

    We will you delicious tea brewed in a teapot and drink it to provide you with a moment of relaxation and peace of mind.

    I will devote myself as a teahouse in the city of Kyoto.

    We aim to be a store that is always close to both the community and society.

    We will continue to entrust tea with the art of unchanging taste and fragrance.

    Representative Director Daisuke Wakabayashi

    Representative couple